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IMG tag ideas


(Posted for Othalian)
Start typing "img" and as you do a drop down box appears where you select your image file. If the file location is different to the default one then you could select the other folder and it will be added to the list for next time. (is that clear?) In addition the image properties box should automatically open in case they need changing. You could extend this feature when you type color, table, etc. For colours the colour window appears with a colour picker so you have the option to select a colour from a swatch or elsewhere on your desktop, a hex code box would also be available for an exact colour.

The second idea for images (and simpler I feel) is at when you type "img" a grab handle appears attached to the pointer and you move this over to the image file you wish to select and click. If you don't want to insert a file at that time then by pressing Esc you will cancel the operation and can continue typing.
Closed Jun 18, 2013 at 7:35 AM by Aurora01
Forte is already implementing this in his next UI design.